Can You File a Separate Personal Injury Claim in a Billings Work Accident?

A work accident here in Billings can be a very devastating situation that may pose a lot of negative thoughts right after it occurs. This shouldn't happen, because positive things can come out of it, despite the possibility of your suffering lifelong injuries. Your first step is to hire a personal injury lawyer, and we're there for you here at Odegaard Miller Law. Once you work with us, we'll show you the positive steps that can be taken to help you gain justice from an accident occurring in the work place.

One of the biggest misconceptions some accident victims have is that they think they'll only be entitled to workers comp and nothing else. We'll show you this doesn't necessarily have to stand if you find out someone else was to blame for your accident while on the job.

Can You File a Separate Personal Injury Claim?

The answer to the above question is "maybe", depending on a number of factors. However, if a third party is partially or completely at fault for your injuries, it's possible you could have compensation from two different sources, including automatic workers comp.

It's understandable that many clients don't think filing both is possible in such a complicated legal world. Regardless, we can help you file for both, even though it's going to require you working closely with us since it could lead to complex situations.

Dealing with Workers Comp and a Personal Injury Claim

Dealing with workers compensation is complex on its own because some people filing for it are initially turned down based on how insurance companies operate. This may require attending hearings in order to appeal and show definitive evidence through your medical records that you need workers comp in order to financially survive.

This may be going on at the same time as a trial for your personal injury claim. So it could be a busy time for litigation, though we'll help you every step of the way. Believe us, it can be worth it when you win both cases. When you have strong and compelling evidence showing how bad your injuries were as the result of someone's negligence, your chances of winning go up astronomically.

Contact us here at Odegaard Miller Law so we can start working with you immediately and protect the evidence necessary to win both cases. If dealing with workers comp appeals and a personal injury claim sounds tough, know that we have plenty of experience dealing with both at the same time. We'll ease the burden of the litigation and give you the peace of mind that our legal expertise will help toward gaining quick resolutions in both situations.