Don't Be a Victim of Insurance Companies: Gain the Workers Compensation You Deserve

After being injured on the job, trying to gain workers compensation can bring a lot of shocking results that you probably didn't count on. But that shows the realities of dealing with government agencies and also laws that haven't necessarily helped anyone. Here in Billings, many people have had to put up with being shorted on workers compensation because of Montana laws that haven't placed the best interest of workers at the forefront. At the same time, gaining workers compensation might be denied when an insurance investigator thinks that you were to blame for the accident rather than the company where you worked.

What should you do when you're suddenly denied workers compensation when after dealing with an injury on the job? You need to hire a personal injury attorney immediately who can fight these charges and can lead you through the complicated legal territory. We can do that for you here at Odegaard Miller Law.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

The first agency you'll be hearing from right after you have an on-the-job injury is the insurance company handling your workers comp. It's a common occurrence for them to deny you the full benefits you deserve based merely on their attention to their own profits rather than actually helping you. While insurance is always mandatory, it's rare when you find a company that thinks of you first rather than their bottom line.

When you've been injured, they're going to find any little thing that makes it appear as if your injuries were your own fault. Plus, they'll try to downplay your injuries and force you back to work too soon. This is a dangerous path to tread on if you listen only to an insurance company. If you don't have legal representation first, the insurance company might even convince you to not seek legal counsel out of the thought you'd gain more money in the long run.

This is something completely untrue, and seeking our services will help you gain more money ahead in the long run than depending on the insurance company to pay you out.

Where could the insurance company deny you in the way of workers compensation?

Typical Career Injuries

With oil fields being a common place of employment here in the Billings area, we see many personal injuries from there. Unfortunately, far too many oil field workers are denied workers comp because insurance deems the employee's accident their own fault.

The same can happen in construction accidents here in Billings and surrounding area. We also see many construction accidents get denied workers comp based on the assumption a construction worker did something deliberately. In truth, the construction company is usually to blame for not creating better safety conditions.

Additionally, mining accidents get just as many workers comp issues. With many injuries in that career field possible, it's important to have legal counsel immediately following a mine accident. It's a hotbed for insurance companies where they attempt to twist things to make it look like the worker was to blame.

Don't let yourself be pestered by insurance companies in denying you workers compensation. Contact us here at Odegaard Miller Law so we can be there with you once insurance companies starting meddling into your injury claim. We'll fight to make sure you gain the compensation you deserve through undeniable evidence.