How could a truck's cargo increase the danger of a truck accident?

Trucks are tasked with carrying all kinds of cargo. These range from industrial chemicals to frozen foods. During a truck accident, a potentially dangerous outcome involves the cargo spilling out of the truck and onto the road and the surrounding area. The truck's cargo could introduce another source of harm to the accident, beyond the immediate impact of the collision.

Sometimes the danger comes from the fact that materials might be highly flammable, corrosive, radioactive or otherwise toxic to human health. Fires, explosions, or exposure to these materials can create or worsen medical problems experienced by anyone involved in the accident and also of people in communities adjacent to the accident site. Sometimes, the full extent of the danger isn't immediately known. For example, in a recent truck accident on Montana Highway 200, an industrial soap-making material spilled into a river; according to local news reports, it's still not clear what the effect will be not only on the wildlife but on people who use the river for recreational purposes.

The truck's cargo doesn't even have to be hazardous in and of itself to be a danger on the road. For example, if the truck is carrying timber or various storage containers that break loose and roll out onto the road, this cargo might cause further damage and additional collisions. Spilled cargo also makes it more difficult for first responders to reach people who have been injured during the crash.

How your attorney can help

If you've been involved in a truck accident, one way an attorney can help you is to carefully examine what happened and determine whether any of it was a result of negligence. When it comes to the truck's cargo, your attorney can look into whether the cargo was secured improperly, whether the containers were low-quality, and if there were any defects with the truck itself that made it more likely to break open and release its contents.

These kinds of questions need to be addressed, in addition to other issues such as which driver was at fault. If you've experienced a truck accident, don't hesitate to contact us. Our Montana accident lawyers can help you handle insurance company difficulties and seek compensation from any parties responsible for the damages sustained during the crash.

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