What Kind of Product Liability Case Might You Have in the Billings, Montana Area?

When dealing with a product liability lawsuit, you might automatically think it means a faulty electronics product or other item you buy in a retail store. Product liability can go much larger, especially in the realm of the industrial. Here in Billings, Montana, we have many different scenarios where product liability can mean industrial equipment malfunctioning while working in a job. Because major corporations may be responsible, it's going to require you go through a personal injury attorney to help you craft a compelling product liability case.

You deserve that compensation because many product liability cases involve severe injuries that affect the victim's life forever. While some injuries can heal, not all do. At the same time, you may be injured to a point where you can no longer work and need financial help in order to live.

Here at , Odegaard Miller Law, PLLC we're a small personal injury firm in Billings, Montana that can expertly represent you if you've been injured. But what are some examples of product liability in Montana? With oil well jobs plentiful, product liability is sometimes seen there, though not overly common.

Oil Well Product Liability

Oil rigs can sometimes have defects if maintenance is neglected in the oil fields where many are employed. Oil field equipment may also fail when no one bothers to maintain those tools properly. When this happens, it might seem daunting to take on a company name. But we'll help you acquire the proper evidence of how badly you were injured, which can get severe when equipment fails. Gaining compelling evidence that's indisputable is the key so there isn't any question the company is to blame and you didn't bring the injuries on yourself.

Automobile Defects

Unfortunately, we're hearing much more about this than we should be. If it happens in your job here in Billings, we're here to help guide you through a product liability case. You might have experienced brake failure, a sticking gas pedal, a defective seat belt, or even steering failures. When using a vehicle in a job, it's the responsibility of the company to maintain those vehicles at all times. We'll gather the evidence to show that they were negligent on maintaining even the most basic safety features.

Other Industrial Product Liabilities

You might have had an accident working in a mine where we've all witnessed how things can go wrong. When it's nothing but negligence, it can mean both severe injury and death. This can apply to farm equipment as well if you're employed by a farmer to work in the fields.

Even aviation accidents can occur in industrial settings. Helicopters sometimes crash due to lack of maintenance, or crop duster planes may have equipment failure.

All of these examples show that product liability can frequently happen at much larger levels and industrial settings.

Contact us here at Odegaard Miller Law, PLLC if you've just been injured in a similar accident and need legal representation toward a product liability case. We'll work closely with you through each legal step so you gain the compensation you're due. While your life may be deeply affected by your injuries, we want you to have peace of mind that you received some level of justice for another person's negligence.