Bond Set At $175,000 Following High Speed Chase

The day after a high-speed chase in Billings led to damage to multiple vehicles, a judge has set bond at $175,000 in the matter. The incident occurred on Wednesday, December 10, in the morning.

Chase Ends with Multiple Collisions

According to court records, police observed a 28-year-old male in an allegedly stolen pickup truck near Central Avenue and 24th Street West. When they tried to stop him, he allegedly fled before being spotted again near Eighth Street West and Kluge Lane. The motorist then reportedly led officers on a chase through a field and a trailer court. His pickup then allegedly collided with a vehicle operated by 23-year-old female. Her four-year-old son was with her in the vehicle. At this point, another vehicle struck the allegedly stolen pickup, and the truck then careened into another vehicle.

A Dozen Charges Filed

Charging documents indicate that the man allegedly resisted arrest to the point. Please report using a Taser on him twice. Following the incident, a Billings police lieutenant stated that no one was seriously injured, and that no one required transport to the hospital. The alleged perpetrator now faces 12 charges, including three counts of criminal endangerment.

The Billings Gazette reports that the judge did not agree with an argument presented by a public defender that bond be set at less than $175,000. Prosecutors asserted that the accused had meth in his possession at the time of his arrest. Although this high-speed chase did not reportedly lead to serious injury, state law does guarantee that those that do suffer injury due to the negligent operation of a motor vehicle may seek compensation in the state's civil court system.

In some cases, a victim may seek compensatory damages due to unpaid medical bills, pain, suffering and lost wages. If you or someone who you know suffered injury in a traffic accident, a complimentary consultation with a personal injury attorney is possible. For additional assistance, please contact us.