Can you count on your medical insurance after an accident?

When you suffer an accident, you hope that if you have medical insurance it will cover at least a large portion of the treatment costs.

The reality, however, may be much different.

The costs your insurance may not cover

You could show up at a hospital that's in your network and still be billed for the use of various pieces of equipment or the use of a room or bed within the hospital. Hospitals may charge you administrative fees, and perhaps require you to pay for individual components of your treatment, including medical tests. Your medical insurance may cover some of your treatment, leaving the rest of the bills to you.

Then there's the issue of out-of-network practitioners. They may be working as contractors in a hospital that's in your insurance network. And they can wind up sending you separate bills for assisting with your surgery, administering anesthesia, checking you at your hospital bed when you're recuperating, or providing other services that supplement your primary doctor's treatment.

Furthermore, during an emergency, you may be sent to a hospital outside of your network. Although your health insurance will typically cover such circumstances, you could still be left with hefty bills.

A New York Times article published in late October describes some of the ways in which patients get nickel-and-dimed when they're at their most vulnerable - although in these situations, the nickels and dimes add up to bills of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Receiving legal assistance

After an accident, you may need to work with an attorney in order to find a way of dealing with unexpectedly huge medical bills. Sometimes you need to challenge your health insurance company. On top of that, you may need to explore other avenues of compensation. For example, getting injured on the job may make you eligible for workers' comp. If you're injured in a car accident, you may have auto insurance as a resource. In some situations, you may file a civil suit.

When you contact us we will work with you on tackling your medical bills after an accident and fight for you to receive the most coverage possible.