Investigating Your Workplace Injury in the New Year for the Most Compelling Evidence

A workplace injury during the holidays can end up being a very devastating situation, as it is any time of the year. But when you have a smart and experienced personal injury attorney with you in these times, your life might be able to function a little easier. Most of that comes through our own investigation into what happened in your workplace injury. The gathering of evidence is always essential to help you win a settlement when you decide to file a lawsuit against your employer.

While you recover from your injuries, we'll help you eliminate a layer of stress by finding key pieces of evidence you'll need for your case. What things will we look for in your workplace that's possibly undeniable in showing those in charge of the company you work for were negligent in keeping you safe?

Looking for Product Defects

We always look first at defects in machinery, or products you were using that caused your injury. In the oil field industry here in Billings, machinery that isn't properly maintained can easily malfunction and cause not only severe injuries, but even death. We've covered numerous cases in this instance with injuries that were very severe. By proving your manager didn't keep the equipment maintained through maintenance records, you have a compelling record for a jury to consider.

The same goes for products made by someone else. It could be the product your company used had a defect that requires blame on the manufacturer. We'll have the product inspected to show possible manufacturing error, or an oversight in the safety of the product.

Investigating Premises Liabilities

Other liabilities in your workplace might be at play behind your injury. This may range from the catastrophic accident of a building collapsing, an elevator malfunctioning, or improper waste disposal. Not dealing with chemicals correctly is a frequent act of negligence that may sicken you and perhaps hundreds of other employees working by your side.

These investigative elements also go into the realm of more definitive proof of negligence through camera footage or filed documents. While we know security camera footage is sometimes subjective, some footage is very clear and shows exactly what happened.

Contact us in the new year here at Odegaard Miller Law if you've been injured at your workplace during the holidays. We'll work closely with you to investigate your accident and work hard to bring a sense of justice for renewal in 2015.