Lawyer Wants You to Avoid Car Fires

It seems easy enough to avoid a car fire: just don't get into a car crash. Isn't that the main cause of a vehicle blaze according to TV and movies? Actually, most crashes do not produce a fire, according to the National Fire Protection Association. A conflagration can happen because of a mechanical issue or because an electrical spark ignites leaking oil.

The most prudent way to avoid a car conflagration is to have your vehicle inspected regularly by a mechanic. He can usually spot a problem and make a repair to prevent future issues. Because most fluids used in a car are flammable, eliminating leaks minimizes your chances of any incidents.

Avoid transporting anything in your car that could potentially produce a fire, such as a chainsaw full of gasoline. You may occasionally have to carry a small amount of gas, such as when bringing it home for your lawnmower. Make sure the fluid is properly sealed in a certified container, such as a gas can, and keep the can in your trunk, not the interior. Crack open the window so hazardous fume don't build up in the passenger compartment.

If your car does suddenly catch fire, a small extinguisher can help contain it. Otherwise, pull over to a safe location away from traffic, pedestrians, and any flammable areas, such as dry brush. Turn off the engine and leave the vehicle. Stay at least a hundred feet away and phone 9-1-1 so they can put out the fire.

You may not have done anything wrong and still suffer a car fire. There may be a product liability issue involved. Why not contact us? As your lawyer, we'll fight for your rights to any compensation that is due you.