Product liability: Who is responsible and when to seek legal help

Injury law is one of the most popular areas of law, but also one of the largest. While most people affiliate the injuries that they contract to personal injury law, there's another law specialty through which they may also get justice: product liability law. This article presents the parties that you can hold liable for your injuries, and explains when you should consider hiring a product liability attorney.

Who should be blamed for your injuries?

When it comes to product liability injuries, the responsibility of several parties is usually involved. Such parties include:

- The manufacturer

- The distributor

- The wholesaler

- Any company that participated in the production process

The common belief that only the retailer/producer can be sued for selling/manufacturing a given product is thus incorrect. Nowadays, larger companies outsource part of their operations to smaller companies as this enables them to gain in efficiency. If it's determined that the injury was caused due to a part that was poorly installed when assembling the product, the blame will not be on the manufacturer. Similarly, retailers are required by law to make sure that the items that they put in the hands of consumers are perfectly safe to use. This means that in a given product liability case, an injured consumer may seek legal action against both the distributor and the outsourced business.

When should you hire a lawyer?

Under product liability law, consumers buy items with specifically documented expectations. If any of those expectations isn't met, then they may seek compensation from the responsible parties. Generally, consumer expectations are tied to three categories of defects:

- Design defects

- Manufacturing defects

- Marketing Defects

The main challenge that your lawyer will have is to prove that the defect could have or has led to dangerous consequences.

Product liability cases are usually less difficult to win than personal injury ones. If you believe that the product you bought features a defect that could have been hazardous for you or your relatives, please contact us today and we'll help you with the damages recovery process.