Workers compensation - Keeping your job after a work-related injury

Accidents are events that are by definition hard to predict. Regardless of the level of anticipation, they may still happen anywhere and anytime. Under federal law, all employers are required to provide a safe work environment for their employees. This means that if you get injured while doing your job, you’ll be entitled to a series of benefits sometimes referred to as workers compensation package.

Access to those benefits is unconditional and rarely leads to job loss unlike what many injured employees think. In this article, we’ll address two misconceptions about work-related accidents and tell you what to expect from a workers compensation lawyer.

Deadly accidents can occur in corporate environments

It’s a common belief that corporate environments are safer than other workplaces such as construction sites. While this may be true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the accidents that occur in corporate environments are less deadly. Indeed, the severity of the bodily damages will depend on the violence of the accident. For example, you may hurt your neck fatally after slipping on the floor of your company’s kitchen because someone accidentally spilled a liquid on it.

Understanding why you can't be fired

As a recently injured employee, you may be reluctant to hire a workers compensation attorney by fear of losing your job in the process. What you should know is that workers compensation law is an insurance that was introduced to prevent employees from taking legal actions against their employers. In return, faulty employers would allow injured workers to keep their job and receive a significant portion of their wage until they have fully recovered.

In other words, hiring a workers compensation lawyer is your best option since they will use all their knowledge and experience to get you the best compensation package. After the injury, your lawyer will make sure that you get admitted to the best local hospital so that you may recover as quickly as possible.

If you have recently suffered from a work-related injury, then contact us now. In most cases, this decision will not impact on whether you keep or lose your job. The only scenario that could potentially lead to job loss is if you're no longer able to perform the basic duties of your position.