Don't Climb the Office Ladder to Workplace Injury

You like the holidays so much that your desk is the first one at worked decked out in decorations. Or maybe you're the only one agile enough to negotiate the office ladder. Whatever the case, you're in charge of putting up the lights, garlands, and ornaments again this year. As always, you'll need to use the office ladders to reach the higher locations. So follow these tips to avoid workplace injury.

Check The Stability

Before you climb the ladder, set it up and check its footings and rungs for stability. This is especially important if you only take it out once or twice a year. Climb the first couple of rungs to test that it can take your body weight and then continue upward. If you have any doubt that the ladder can hold you, ask your boss to spring for a new one.

Do It Sooner

Don't wait until the last two weeks of the holiday season to put up outdoor decorations. You may have to contend with snow and ice then, which increases the chance of injury. Follow the leads of retailers and set up the decorations as soon as possible and when the weather is still good. Wear shoes with good traction. If possible, have someone else there that can steady the ladder and hand you the decorations.

Beware Electricity

f you're working anywhere near power lines, use a ladder made of wood or any other material that does not conduct electricity. If you have a metal ladder and it so much as touches an electrical cable, you may get a nasty shock that could prove fatal. Be extra careful when moving ladders. Always look up to see what obstructions the top could possibly hit.

Even after following these and other safety precautions, you may still get hurt putting up holiday decorations. Please contact us immediately to see if you're entitled to compensation.