Billings Car Accident Requires Extrication Of Passenger

On Monday, September 29, an injured passenger required extrication in the aftermath of a two-car crash, according to the Billings Gazette. Billings Police state that the car accident occurred in the afternoon at the intersection of Avenue F and 12th Street West.

Passenger Taken to the Hospital

A Subaru allegedly collided with a Cadillac in the intersection, injuring a 73-year-old woman that was a passenger in the Cadillac. Police say that she apparently hit her head against the head of the driver of the vehicle in the accident. After the passenger was removed from the automobile, she was transported to an area hospital. Authorities state that her injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.

Possible Citation Forthcoming

Law enforcement suggested that the driver of the Subaru might receive a citation, although the nature of any possible traffic violation was not immediately disclosed.

Although the investigation into this car accident is still ongoing, negligent conduct by a motorist that leads to the injury of another is addressed by Montana state law. Driving while under the influence, failure to yield the right-of-way, traveling at excessive speeds and inattentive driving are just some of the actions that may be considered evidence of negligence.

Depending upon the exact circumstances of a collision, compensation may be sought by the injured person for unpaid medical expenses, pain and suffering, long-term rehabilitation expenses, permanent injury and other losses.

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