Recall issued after deadly Montana crash

Deadly vehicular accidents can happen in a matter of seconds, and from those few seconds, investigators need to figure out happened. What led to the accident? Who was responsible for it? The answers may not be obvious.

Just this past summer, the fire chief of Three Forks, Montana drove his fire engine into a pickup truck carrying a family of five people. Everyone passed away in the fiery accident.

As reported in a recent local news article, investigators looking into the crash discovered that the problem was a mechanical failure in the fire engine. The fire engine's drivetrain, a set of components connecting the wheels to the vehicle's engine, apparently malfunctioned. This caused one of the wheels in the fire engine to lock up. The fire chief then couldn't stop his vehicle from careening into the pickup truck.

The company that makes the drivetrains has since issued a recall on their product. They also found other incidents tied to drivetrain failure that maybe should have led to a recall earlier, before the fatal accident that claimed six lives.

One key takeaway point from this story is how important it is to fully investigate the causes of an accident and not assume that a crash always stems purely from driver error. Otherwise, the people responsible for the crash might not be held accountable and get pressured to rectify the problem.

When you contact us after an accident, we will help you fight for a thorough investigation into what happened. While many accidents involve human error behind the wheel, there's always a possibility of some kind of mechanical failure or other external circumstance beyond a driver's control.