Oil Boom Increases Oil Field Accident Concerns

The significance of the impact of the Bakken oil boom in Montana is undeniable. The Bakken oil field covers a 200,000 square-mile expanse that stretches from eastern Montana to western North Dakota and into southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. According to data accumulated by the Montana Petroleum Association, the oil fields in eastern Montana directly employ 7,499 workers. Another 20,920 are indirectly employed, according to the organization.

While no one disputes the positive impact that the oil boom has had on Montana's economy, it has also been accompanied by an unfortunate increase in oil field injuries.

Serious Nature of Many Oil Field Injuries

Some assert that the rapid implementation of advanced oil extraction technologies has proceeded faster than safety regulation and enforcement. Because of the nature of oil rig work, when an oil field accident does occur, it may be very serious. Defective equipment has injured workers, while explosions and fires have also altered the lives of some oil workers in a profound way.

Fortunately, when a worker is injured on the job, state law provides for a variety of legal remedies. For example, personal injury litigation can seek compensation for a host of losses and expenses. Damages may be in awarded in some cases for pain and suffering, emotional distress, lost wages, medical expenses and, if applicable, long-term rehabilitation costs. In instances where there is a loss of life, surviving family members may file also file suit seeking compensation for loss of companionship.

Cases Can Be Complex

The complexity of such cases can be substantial, so the services of an oil field injury attorney that focuses on appropriate areas of the law may be helpful. Such an attorney can work to assure that all responsible parties are named as defendants in a lawsuit. In addition to the employer, an equipment manufacturer, equipment maintenance provider or other parties may bear full or partial responsibility for the losses incurred by a worker.

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