Bakken oil field injury - The Slippery Slope

It didn't take long for 2015 to shape up to be a dangerous year for Bakken oil field workers. As the Billings Gazette reported in January, there have already been fatalities and injuries associated with simple routine equipment repair. For those whom have experienced an oil field injury, it can be difficult to find the help they need to get the care and compensation they deserve.

Many times, workers are subcontracted on the Bakken oil fields. This leaves a murky gray area that many of the large contract holders may try to slip out from beneath when it comes time to settle an injury case. That's why Odegaard Miller Law is the firm that takes their clients' needs seriously. Committed to resolving disputes and ensuring workers get the compensation they are entitled - Odegaard Miller is the firm foundation to catch a worker from slipping between the cracks.

Some of the major sources of injury on the Bakken oil fields include being subject to toxic chemicals without proper protection, slipping and falling on ice, and even potentially being badly burned. While OSHA is obliged to investigate any workplace hazard, it can take months and in some cases years to get an incident settled. This is why Odegaard Miller Law specializes specifically in matters of this suit. They do the utmost to ensure employees and subcontractors receive the care they deserve.

If a worker or employee on the Bakken oil fields has experienced an injury related to his workplace environment or conditions - it's important to bring in the professional, courteous, and knowledgeable attorneys at Odegaard Miller Law. If you or someone you know may have experienced an injury while working on the Bakken oil fields, your first step should always be to contact us today. Together, we can get you the care you deserve.