Bakken Oil Field Contributes to 21 Percent Increase in Oil Production

Marathon Oil reported in August that its year-over-year oil production was up 21 percent in the second quarter of 2015, with much of that 274,000 barrels of oil per day equivalency coming from the Bakken oil fields.

The report clarifies that this is actually a 3 percent decline in production over the first quarter of the year when the company was spending significantly more money on exploration and development of new oil rigs. However, at the same time, it emphasizes that production at Bakken in May, 2015, the last month for which final numbers are available hit the equivalent of 1.2 million barrels per day. About 61,000 barrels per day were produced by Marathon Oil's 75 North Dakota oil rigs.

Marathon acknowledged in the report that it is trying to do more with less because of the decline in crude oil prices. That meant it has only about half as many oil rigs involved in exploration and production in Bakken as it did a year ago.

Many industry regulators and safety experts have expressed concern that the declining oil prices will lead companies to further cut corners in the Bakken oil fields, leading to additional workplace injuries and deaths. Others have speculated that the decline in crude oil prices could reduce demand for Bakken shale.

Marathon's second quarter report clearly indicates that demand for the oil coming out of the Bakken fields has not decreased. In the event that the other more dire prediction of more injuries and more workplace accidents is true, contact us to investigate your legal options for compensation for your injuries.