Bakken Oil Fields: Looking For Housing

The seemingly endless demand for workers in the Bakken oil fields continues to create problems in the region. The latest: half-finished housing that may be part of a Ponzi scheme.

In May the United States Securities and Exchange Commission claimed a Bakken housing developer was defrauding investors and not completing the projects as promised. Construction on the 300-unit extended stay hotel stop immediately leaving the project growing weeds and more oil workers desperately looking for places to live.

Bakken has continued to be a difficult situation for workers and local communities alike. The local communities struggle to provide basic services to the influx of workers and workers struggle to find everything from a place to sleep to a place to get their mail.

The failure of the developers to keep their commitments puts the city of Culbertson in a hard position because they were promised five payments of $100,000 each to offset the cost of extending sewer lines to the development.

Now the half of the development that was about 80 percent completed is abandoned and deteriorating with the city never receiving a single payment. In addition, the city's investment is unused, meaning it is not even recouping the expense through sewer fees.

Sadly, this type of greed-caused problem is one of the lesser problems facing those who work at the Bakken oil fields. Many workers face unsafe working conditions, injuries and even death in their attempt to meet the demand for Bakkenshale. To discuss your potential workplace injury lawsuit, contact us. We can help you navigate the treacherous terrain.