Four States Hold Demonstrations Opposing Bakken Pipeline

Concern about the dangers associated with Bakken continue to spread outside the area directly tied to the oil fields. This week, protestors from four states banded together to demand that state and federal regulators take a closer look at Energy Transfers Partners, the parent company behind the proposed multi-state pipeline.

Environmental groups and community organizations from Illinois, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota are working together to ask regulators to investigate all aspects of the company behind the project.

For workers at Bakken, that could be good news. The construction of the pipeline is expected to place even greater demand on the oil workers to get more crude oil flowing out of the shale deposits. The demand for more oil may lead to increasing productivity requirements for workers, longer work hours and possibly additional safety violations in the name of greater profits.

Bakken has already been called a serial killer and is one of the most dangerous places in the country to work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests working there may be seven times more likely to result in injury or death than working in other professions.

With efforts in several states to slow down work on the pipeline, there is some hope that workers' safety may become a priority at the oil fields and change those statistics. However, it hasn't happened yet. If you or someone you love suffered because of a work place accident at Bakken, contact us to discuss your legal options. Someone may be responsible for your pain and suffering.