Work Accidents In Bakken May Continue If Train Safety Features Are Not Installed

Oil train explosions and crashes can result in deadly accidents along with negative consequences for the environment, but these trains may still be moving at fast paces while the plans to improve railroad safety progress slowly. The Bakken oil region has dramatically increased the need for oil delivery through the rail systems, but Yahoo News reports that only three railroad companies have turned in safety plans to the government to meet a deadline for installing technology that could prevent accidents.

Current Progress

The technology could prevent the kind of tragedy seen too often when derailments occur due to excessive speed, but only BNSF Railway, Metrolink and Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority have submitted safety plans. The latter two companies are commuter railroads with relatively small service areas, so Bakken workers and residents will likely not benefit from these safety improvements if the government approves their plans.

Importance Of Safety Features

Cost is a big reason that makes companies slow to install the required safety features, but The National Transportation Safety Board has wanted railroads to install some of the safety features for more than four decades. The board believes there have been 145 preventable accidents that have injured 6,700 and killed more than 300 people.

While BNSF is a large freight railroad, Union Pacific and Norfolk Southern do not have any locomotives that operate with the safety features. If a work accident like a crash occurs in the Bakken region, employees who suffer injuries can apply for workers' compensation. This can offer one medical and living expenses while recovering from a work related injury.

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