Have you, a loved one or someone you know experienced a work injury in the Bakken Oil Field Region?

The lure of big money in a short period of time. Many people have come and still arrive each day looking for the promise of a better life for themselves and their families by working in the Bakken oil fields in Montana and North Dakota. But with the promise of big money comes a dangerous working environment.

Since the start of the Bakken, oil field related work injuries continue to rise. Whether it be from improper training, excessive hours on the job, lack of safety precautions or any other reasons that have caused you a work injury. Odegaard Miller Law is here serving the people of Montana. You give your employer an honest days work. You expect that you and your co-workers have proper training in a safe work environment while performing a job.

The insurance company and your employer are not on your side when a workplace injury happens in the Bakken oil field region. After a work injury the insurance company and your employer see you as a liability. The insurance company's "goal" is getting rid of you as quickly as possible. Your injury could have you out of work for any amount of time. Even short-term injuries can have long-term effects. When you experience a work injury you don't think about your future. It happens so quickly, the urge to sign a settlement and get yourself or your family taken care of is tremendous.

When you think you are doing everything right and injury happens who is there for you? Odegaard Miller Law in Billings, Montana, that's who.

"With 75 plus years in practice and over $10 million recovered for our clients in the past 24 months" our experienced attorneys know what it takes to get your life back in order from a work injury in the Bakken oil fields.

Contact us today so you can focus on recovering and start seeing the road ahead. Today, tomorrow and in the future.