When a Bakken Oil Field Region Construction Accident Occurs

Any construction accident is cause for concern. However, those accidents that occur in the Bakken oil field region are especially concerning, given the ever-increasing numbers of them that occur, and the amount of manpower, time, money and lives lost due to these accidents. To date, the region has one of the highest workplace death rates in the United States.

According to the Wall Street Journal, at least 8 oil field workers have perished in the Bakken oil field region over the last year. The increase in construction accidents and deaths in the region may be attributed to the drop in crude oil prices that has occurred over the same time period.

The drop in oil prices places pressure on oil field services to cut drilling costs. The employees left to do the work at these regional drilling sites are required to do more work with less assistance, which increases the risk of accidents. The decrease in operating funds have also indicated longer work shifts for employees, some of which last for as many as 20 consecutive days work without time off. As the remaining contractors struggle to compensate and coordinate their work, job sites have become more chaotic and difficult to maneuver. This, too, can lead to Bakken oil field region construction accidents.

The experienced attorneys at Odegaard Miller Law clearly understand the issues concerning the safety of Bakken Oil Field employees. We work directly with the oil field workers themselves to help create a work environment that is safer and more realistic to the needs of the workers.

As a Bakken oil field region employee it is crucial that one understands his or her rights to a safe work environment. If youhave been injured on the job, or are concerned about the working conditions in this region, please contact us to schedule a consultation. One of our experienced attorneys will be happy to assist you.