A Work Accident, OSHA, and You: Hazards of the Bakken

Recently, a documentary aired by Al Jazeera on the dangers of the Bakken. These dangers are to the people who work in this major oilfield region. "The frantic pace of drilling, combined with a state government looking the other way, is putting North Dakota oil field workers at considerable risk." according to Karen Ulenhuth reporting on "Death on the Bakken Shale" an episode of Al Jazeera America. In light of recent reports, it is safe to say that OSHA watches the Bakken region very closely. There are constantly new regulations set up to prevent accidents from occurring, but they don't always help. In fact now, the Oilfield in the Bakken is exempt from many standard practices in other blue-collar jobs. According to E&E News, some of those safety provisions are as follows: provisions on welding and hydrogen sulfide, Noise rules -- oil and gas is exempt from monitoring and testing requirements, and Process safety management of highly hazardous and explosive chemicals. This means that people working in the Bakken are at risk for dangers that exist because of the lack of safety concerns in some of these areas. It is the job of a company to protect its workers regardless of whether or not OSHA has regulated different areas of tho job site. If a job is a hazard to you, no matter the lack of safety precautions, workers compensation is there for you.

If a work accident has happened to you, please do not hesitate to contact us at Odegaard Miller Law. We are here to help any way possible. Remember, it is your right to work in a safe and hazard free environment, no matter what your job entails.