Insurance Companies and Social Media Dangers: Working with Your Attorney After a Car Accident

The immediate shock of a car accident frequently manifests in various ways, sometimes through behavior that isn't the best. This is understandable if you're rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. While in the hospital, you may still be lucid enough to communicate with both insurance companies or with individuals on your smartphone. And it's there where you could get into trouble, especially if you go on social media.

While insurance companies are trouble enough, it's important to hire a personal injury attorney right away in these circumstances. Here at Odegaard Miller Law, our Billings car accident lawyers will take over right away to help you with those possible communication issues. This includes communicating with insurance companies since they may call you or visit you in person in the hospital to convince you to settle a case early.

Yes, when you file for a settlement claim, insurance companies always pester the victim, no matter where they are. You could be lying in a hospital in pain and an insurance agent may attempt contact. The important thing is to not say a word to them. If you do talk, tell them you have a right to defer all comments to your lawyer. Should we be representing you then, give them our number, and we'll handle all communication from there.

Then there's the problem of being in shock and making statements on social media. What should you do if you post regularly on Twitter or Facebook, and want to say something about your car accident?

Avoid Social Media at All Costs After an Accident

It's best to avoid any postings about your accident on social media because opposing legal teams could be looking in and use them against you. We know when someone gets upset after an accident, posting what happened on social media is sometimes a form of venting. However, you may say something that's easy to twist the wrong way, including inference you were to blame for the accident.

The most important thing is to leave all communication to us, leave social media alone, and simply seek some peace to heal from your injuries.

Contact us here at Odegaard Miller Law if you've just been in a car accident. Let us take over and jump the legal hurdles for you while you pay attention to your health.