The growing Bakken - Hazards and Happiness

The Bakken is growing exponentially, even in these slow times. Hazards are always going to be a concern as this area of the oil industry grows. More companies are popping up all over the place and pipeline building is at the forefront of so many local and state government minds.

With growth and income potential, there is a downside. Workplace hazards. Even these hypothetical pipelines have their down sides. Just recently, in Glendive, Montana, a pipeline broke just outside of this growing oilfield-based town, contaminating their water and causing a small crisis. Imagine if it were your family, what would you do?

Outside of oilspills, injuries are common throughout the Bakken. For example, the owner of a an oilfield service repair company died recently from accidental combustion of fluid on a wellhead for a company called QEP. According to Lauren Donovan of the Bismarck Tribune "Brooks (OSHA officer in Watford City, ND) said, since 2010, oil field deaths account for half of workplace fatalities in North Dakota". Accidents in the Bakken are unfortunately a way of life in the oilfields of North Dakota and Montana. There are many stories out in the Bakken similar to this one, and many more will make headlines as time goes on. OSHA does what it can to ensure proper safety guidelines are met, unfortunately the world is an unpredictable place, and sometimes things just happen.

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