Dealing Legally with Discrimination: Using the Montana Human Rights Act in Your Favor

Discrimination in the workplace is one of the most stressful things anyone can go through other than injury. And when it feel hopeless that you can't do anything to combat discrimination, legal representation is a top priority. One reason is because you have a major legal tool available combating discrimination in the workplace here in Billings.

The Montana Human Rights Act is available as a way to combat all forms of discrimination in your place of work. However, it's also a legal passageway toward gaining compensation when you've had monetary or even psychological damage after being discriminated against in your job.

Here at Odegaard Miller Law we're here to help you use the Montana Human Right Act as a way to fight back against egregious workplace treatment, no matter what gender you are.

Fighting Against Monetary Losses

The important thing to do first when dealing with discrimination is file a complaint against your company. Here in Montana, the statute of limitations is only 180 days, so you have to act fast. It's something we'll help you file first, then deal with filing other charges against your company.

While all cases are different, it possible to sue for monetary damages because of the money you lost as the result of losing your job due to discrimination. In the Montana Human Rights Act, it's illegal to fire you from a job due to the usual subjects like age, religion, gender, or religion as just some.

By proving this in a court of law that your company discriminated against you, we'll fight to gain your job back if you want to work there again. Or, monetary damages are possible for the circumstances that lack of employment brought you.

Above all, it's essential you work with us in gathering evidence so you have an undeniable case. We'll work closely with you on this, including gathering any documentation proving you were wrongly treated or terminated from your job.

Contact us here at Odegaard Miller Law if you're just now dealing with the aftermath of discriminatory treatment in your company. Don't wait for legal guidance, because it might be too late to gain any compensatory damages if you fight back on your own.