Finding Fault in a Truck Accident: What Evidence Will Your Attorney Find?

The aftermath of a truck accident frequently isn't good, especially when a truck ends up smashing into a passenger car. In many cases, these are fatal accidents, though those who survive end up with injuries that affect them for the rest of their life. If you're currently one of those people, you may suffer from so many physical and psychological injuries, you'll never be able to work for a long time or again. Your quality of life is also likely threatened, especially if you're paralyzed and have to live the rest of your life in a wheelchair.

This all demands compensation from the negligent driver of the truck that hit you. But definitive evidence the driver was negligent is essential when working with your personal injury attorney.

When you choose us as your personal attorney firm here at Odegaard Miller Law, we'll work tirelessly to pursue certain key pieces of evidence that definitively show the trucker was at fault. What will we search out while we represent you? There's more out there than you might think.

Key Pieces of Evidence

One of the most significant pieces of evidence we search for first is the trucker logs and what they say. Altered log books frequently give away a lot of things on negligence, particularly in human error or lack of training. For the latter, the fault may fall on the company owning the truck as well as the driver.

Even so, it's the trucker's responsibility to take precautions so a major accident doesn't occur. We'll find out if he or she had alcohol or drugs in their system while driving that possibly impaired their driving ability. Also, we'll find out if they perhaps kept driving longer than they should have without proper sleep beforehand. While we know truckers are sometimes under pressure to meet deadlines, they shouldn't drive when exhausted.

Inspection records on the truck are additionally pursued by us. This determines again whether the company was negligent in keeping their fleet truck maintained properly. Brake failure or another mechanical error would put the driver a little less at fault and more on their superiors.

Contact us here at Odegaard Miller Law if you've just been in an accident involving a truck. We'll work closely with you to gather the proper evidence showing they were to blame in creating an accident causing unnecessary suffering in your life.