Injured At The Office?: Let Odegaard Miller Law Help With Workers Compensation

Finally, six o'clock has arrived. Stacking a tower of manila folders neatly onto your desk, you slip on your winter coat, and open the door to your new office. After a recent promotion in the beginning of the month, you have been working hard to prove that you are right for the job.

Spending the last several hours buried in work, you are more than pleased to politely accept an invitation from a group of co-workers to join them for dinner at one of your favorite restaurants down town. Stepping into the hallway, you quickly notice that the group has already congregated by the front door of the building. With savory thoughts of the perfect meal running through your head, you only hope that your stomach doesn't grumble too much as you venture over to the small crowd of new friends.

Suddenly, you loose your footing on a patch of unexpectedly slick tiles, and fall backwards. Reacting quickly, you are able to place your hands behind your body, and brace yourself for the coming fall. Landing hard on the floor, upon impact, a sharp pain emits from the center of your left wrist. Confused and disoriented, you frantically search for the reason behind your fall. Glancing around the room, you notice a crack in a nearby water cooler, causing water to spill out onto the tiles. Unable to move your wrist, your friends rush over to help, and swiftly dial emergency services.

Regardless of how busy the workplace can become, safety should always be the priority. Have you recently been injured at work, or on the job? If so, then you may be eligible for workers compensation. While you are healing up, let our expert team of attorneys at Odegaard Miller Law get you the compensation that you need. Contact us today, and we will be more than happy to review your case.