Injured At Work?: Let Us Help In Getting The Workers Compensation That You Need

After this most recent severe snowstorm, it has been a long couple of weeks for you and your team. Being the newly promoted head supervisor for a large landscaping company, calls to your branch have been coming in hourly to clean up fallen trees, and prevent any further property damage.

Breaking down the last few branches on the lawn of your most recent client, you take a step back, and admire your team's handiwork. Pleased with the hard work dedicated to this job, you are certain that the property owner will be satisfied.

Walking over to a company truck, you toss the branches into the back of the pickup, with the rest of the debris, and signal for the driver to leave. As the vehicle moves forward, a large log breaks free from the pile, and slams against the back of the truck bed. Due to the force of the collision, the hatch breaks open, and the log flies off the end of the truck.

With less that a second to leap out of the way, you are unable to escape the path of the falling debris, and the log crashes into the side of your left leg. Upon impact, a screaming pain emits from your thigh, and you are unable to move your leg. With your team swiftly removing the log from your person, emergency services are called, and you painfully await the arrival of an ambulance.

Has a story like this one either happened to you, or someone that you care about? If you've been injured while working on the job, whether it was outside or indoors, you may be eligible for workers compensation. Odegaard Miller Law will work tirelessly to get you the compensation that you need. Contact us today, and we will review your case for free.