Maximizing Liability Claims in Your Construction Injury

A construction injury is usually the worst type of injury, because they frequently happen with employees in precarious places or with potentially dangerous equipment. In some cases, it might lead to fatalities, but a fall or an accident using heavy equipment frequently leads to serious lifelong injuries. And when people seek claims, they have to contend with workers comp, which is frequently complex on its own to gain a decent amount.

While workers comp exists so those injured won't sue a company for injuries, the law allows outside claims for possibly more compensation. It's something we can help you with here at Odegaard Miller Law, because you deserve more compensation for your injuries when there was real negligence involved.

Frequently, workers comp amounts are far too small when measured against the medical bills of an injured worker. If you're one of those people who were just injured in a construction accident, you probably received your workers comp check and realized it won't even cover a quarter of your medical bills.

Let us help you find other areas of liability that are possibly connected to how your injuries occurred.

What Other Liability Will We Find?

When it comes to finding those who were negligent, it's sometimes a long list of people who caused a chain reaction. We'll investigate this for you and find out if perhaps an associate to the owners of the company had some responsibility in instigating faulty equipment. It also may fall directly on the shoulders of the manufacturer that built the equipment causing your injury. Because of a production error your company wasn't aware of, you could be looking at product liability.

Also, you have other companies responsible for maintaining construction equipment and perhaps became negligent in keeping things safe.

These third-party claims sometimes add up to multiple people and considerably more compensation in the future. Regardless, you need legal help to navigate this, especially through the investigative stage.

Contact us here at Odegaard Miller Law if you've just been hurt in a construction accident here in the Billings, Montana area. Don't settle on the thought workers comp will be your only resource for compensation. We'll fight so you gain the compensation owed to you for injuries affecting your life.