What Can a Work Comp Lawyer Do For You?

A work-related illness or injury may qualify you for an entitlement to workers’ compensation. However, too often employers deny their employees' workers' comp claims. As a result, sick or injured workers face a complicated appeals system and don't receive compensation. If you think you should receive workers’ compensation, here's what you need to know.

Situations Requiring a Work Comp Attorney

You probably don't need a workers' comp attorney if you have minor injuries and expect to return to your job after you've recovered for only a few days or weeks. However, you may need to hire legal representation if you need surgery because of severe workplace injuries or if you have a pre-existing a disability that's considered significant.

If your doctor thinks that your health won't go back to normal before your injury, you'll need a good workers' comp lawyer. Another reason to hire a lawyer is if you have medical benefits that have been denied.

Consider hiring a lawyer if you need professional guidance in understanding the process involved in workers comp. If you believe that your benefits are incorrect or inadequate, use an attorney. Another situation necessitating professional legal counsel is when you think that you're entitled to more benefits than you're given.

Typical Services

One of the main jobs of a good workers comp lawyer is gathering evidence. For example, your attorney can collect important medical records, as well as arrange and recommend treatments with doctors and secure medical opinions.

Your attorney will inspect the site where you work, checking its physical requirements or find out if you've been properly trained in workplace safety. He or she will also collect statements from your family members and associates concerning your daily activities.

Another job is showing you how to file for Social Security disability benefits if your injury is major enough to keep you from returning to work permanently. He or she will make sure you get the proper medical care and workers’ comp benefits you deserve. Your lawyer will also negotiate and structure settlement agreements.

Cost Considerations

In most cases, a work comp lawyer charges on a contingent basis, meaning he or she takes out a portion of the benefits from workers’ comp for their legal services. However, if you don't win and don't receive benefits, then you don't owe anything to your attorney.

Don't hesitate to call a work comp attorney. If you procrastinate in getting professional legal help, it's harder for an attorney to collect evidence after a claim has already passed into litigation. Our legal professionals at Odegaard Miller Law firm are highly trained and qualified to handle your workers comp case. Please contact us.