How to Act Upon a Construction Injury Near Bakken

Accidents can happen at any time and near the Bakken oil field in Montana, there are a lot of things going on. There are heavy pieces of equipment, dangerous chemicals, and much more. A construction injury can be severe, causing paralysis, brain injuries, and much more.

Types of Construction Injuries

There are a lot of geological projects taking place at Bakken Oil Field. If you work in the construction industry, you may beassigned to this area. Even when your employer provides you with training and safety equipment, accidents can and will happen.

In some cases it may be someone’s fault. For example, an employer may not have provided you with training on the type of equipment you were asked to operate or you were not given quality PPE. As a result, an injury took place. You could have fallen, been burned, amputated a body part, or experienced some other kind of injury.

Seeking a Lawyer

Seeking a lawyer is a necessary step when you have encountered a construction injury. It has been estimated that many workplace injuries go unreported every year. Not reporting an accident means a company doesn't learn and they could continue with the status quo, providing a dangerously unsafe work environment that could lead to many more accidents.

Speak up and learn about your rights once you have been involved in an accident at work. Contact us at Odegaard Miller Law to learn more. We may be able to build a case and go after your employer to provide you with a compensation package.