How to Save Money on Work Comp Insurance at Bakken Oil Field

The Bakken Oil Field in Montana is responsible for providing many different jobs across many different industries and companies. All companies need to have work comp insurance because it is required by law. However, there are ways to save money on workmen's comp insurance around Bakken and in Montana.

Focus on Safety

A lot can happen within an oil field. Every year many oil field injuries happen and the US government has done extensive research on how to reduce the risk of injuries, not only at Bakken, but across the country.

This often means there needs to be a bigger focus on safety and safety training. The reason that businesses pay so much for work comp is a direct result of the number of accidents that take place. By reducing the number of accidents and reducing the level of risk for future accidents, the cost for the insurance can drop dramatically.

Reducing Claims

Every company should focus on ways to reduce claims as this will reduce the amount of money spent on workmen's comp insurance as well. All employees have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim and it is up to companies to prevent the accidents from ever occurring, not from covering them up. Many companies within the oil industry make good money and they need to invest into the business to reduce the number of claims made.

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