Train Derails in Bakken - Thousands of Gallons of Crude Lost

A train bound for Washington derailed late Friday, July 17, in the Bakken oil corridor. The accident involved four train cars and spilled an estimated 35,000 gallons of crude oil.

The derailment happened in rural Montana, just outside the town of Culbertson. No one was reported hurt in the derailment, but the accident did cause the evacuation of workers' camps and several homes in the affected area.

No explosions or fires were reported, and hazardous materials teams were able to contain the spill with earthen dams. A power line was knocked over by the derailed cars, and foam was sprayed on the crude to prevent flareups.

The derailed cars were part of a Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway train bound for Anacortes, Washington. This was the second derailment in three days for the company, which also had a derailment 20 miles away from Friday's spill. That derailment damaged about a mile of track, but no injuries or other property damage were reported.

These derailments are part of a recent pattern of accidents that have caused critics to question the use of transporting crude from the Bakken oil region to other parts of the continent. Fiery accidents have occurred in West Virginia, Alabama, Illinois, Virginia, and North Dakota, in addition to the fatal Lac-Megantic rail disaster in Quebec in 2013.

About 12 BNSF trains pass through the Bakken region each week, mostly laden with crude en route to West Coast refineries.

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