The Bakken - Hazards are High Even in Down Times

The oilfield all over America has been booming. Of course recently we have seen declines in the oilfield, but the Bakken seems to still be going strong. There have been layoffs, and in many ways it seems like the economy is slowing down. Sometimes in slow downs skeleton crews are left to do the work of more men. In times like these, hazards could become more prevalent. Accidents happen, but when an accident happens due to fatigue and over working an employee, that puts the employee and the employer at risk. All it takes is a moment for your whole world to change. In the Bakken there is a risk of injury every single day. The jobs out there are high-priced , but always come with high risk. In the oilfield industry of today, it is necessary for you to know your rights as an employee. One of the main focuses of the company you work for in theBakken is safety. Each employee trains with a safety coordinator to understand the standards set forth by their safety man or by their company. Sometimes accidents happen that are out of a person's control. It is the employer's responsibility to respond to incidents like that appropriately. A key indicator of a good employer is that they allow their employees to have input on safety regulations, according to Dan Hannan in his article Silence is a silent killer. Even in these slow times it is imperative that employees are aware of their surroundings and ultimately of the safety guidelines implemented by his or her employer.

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