Lack Of OSHA Inspections In Bakken Oil Field Injury

It's no secret that fatalities related to Bakken oil field injury are some of the highest in North Dakota. Even Occupational Safety and Health Administration programs, such as the focused enforcement program, hasn't properly addressed ongoing injury and death. One of the reasons for this, according to the MonDac Safety Network, is oil and gas companies rarely receive OSHA inspections.

"You probably almost have better odds of winning the lottery than getting a visit from a regulatory agency," said Dennis Schmitz, to Inside Energy.

MonDac is a safety network created by OSHA in 2003 to address safety and injury concerns in the Texas oil industry, particularly as it relates to work injury and death. The network consists of volunteers from oil and gas industry professionals. MonDac now exists in Montana, North Dakota, and other Bakken oil field states.

While lack of inspections is part of the problem, it doesn't end there. Most oil and gas companies contract dangerous jobs to smaller companies, who may not offer employees the same training, or provide the same safety standards. Contractor hiring standards may also differ from major oil companies, and workers aren't always trained by OSHA guidelines. Oil field accidents, work injuries, and fatalities increase without high quality workers, proper training, or regular inspections. Shortcuts often result in serious accidents. Companies and contractors operating in Bakken oil fields have a legal responsibility to comply with OSHA standards and guidelines, as well as state safety and training laws. Failing to do so, carries heavy fines, and results in financial responsibility to employees.

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