Work related injuries- Is this what Henry Bakken envisioned?

Personal Injury Law and Worker's Compensation are our specialties. Providing workers with answers and solutions to their problems in and around the Bakken Shale Play gives us ample opportunity to hone our skills.

The Bakken Shale Play (a play is a group of oil fields in the same region with the same geological characteristics), is one of the largest oil fields in North America. It covers some 200 square miles and supplies thousands of jobs in Western North Dakota, Eastern Montana, and parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba in Canada.

The opportunity here to find work is tremendous but so is the responsibility. Over two hundred oil companies operate out of the Bakken play supplying thousands of jobs in the oil industry, and that is just scratching the surface. There is a tremendous domino effect when industry comes to town; more housing is needed, more police, firemen, doctors, lawyers, general contractors, construction workers, car dealerships, one stop shopping emporiums, schools, teachers, alarm companies, locksmiths, you get the picture. The responsible employer has put into place all safety and environmental precautions before the hiring process. This is the way it's supposed to work.

When Henry Bakken, a middle-aged unassuming farmer, sold his first oil well to AMERICO Oil in 1951 in all likelihood he did not envision what would become of his or the surrounding lands. His well hardly produced oil, in fact not until horizontal drilling and Fracking came into play was the Bakken Oil Play's potential realized. How many companies have gone the additional mile to protect their workers and the environment?

When opportunity runs rampant as, in this case, danger comes in many forms. I doubt Henry Bakken envisioned the chaos that operates in some of the towns.

Understanding your rights as an employee is a necessity in today's world. We are a company that specializes in helping you understand your rights, and in taking action to ensure you receive what is due you.

While the bulk of oil companies operating in the Bakken are responsible and compliant with State and Federal laws and regulations, there is an element that will take risks, cut corners, and put profit ahead of people. It does not end with the oil companies; they're just a beginning.

Personal injury law and workers compensation law are protections in place to serve you and help you. Personal injury lawand workers compensation are our specialties.

I wonder if Henry Bakken understood what box he was opening.