Bakken: Construction Accidents in The Killing Fields of North Dakota's Oil Boom

From its beginnings in 2006 and up to the present day, North Dakota's Bakken Oil Field has been no stranger to construction accidents that have led to horrendous injuries and deaths. The September 2011 Bakken Oil Field explosion that claimed the lives of at least two Bakken Oil Field workers and that injured countless others remains the worst accident on record at Bakken.

The Bakken Oil Field has claimed the lives of at least seventy-four oil field workers since 2006 and has injured countless others. Investigative reporting by at least one independent news agency has highlighted the lax federal oversight and complex overlay of sub-contractors and employers that have limited the financial compensation that may be available to the Bakken Field's injured construction workers or to the families of Bakken's dead.

The big energy companies that control the Bakken Oil Field operations have engaged numerous smaller subcontractors that frequently find themselves on the front lines of workers' compensation claims. A smaller contractor's worker's compensation insurance may be inadequate to pay the full value of a claim that an injured worker at Bakken may have, and the big companies will rush to hide behind the subcontractors to avoid paying the balance of the claim.

The situation is worse for the families of workers who have been killed in construction accidents at Bakken. Wrongful death lawsuits require proof that a party's negligence caused the wrongful death. In order to collect damages from the bigger companies that control the Bakken Oil Fields, the deceased party's representatives need to prove that the bigger companies were vicariously liable for that negligence. Those bigger companies presumably have better insurance and more resources to compensate a victim's family for wrongful death, but proving their vicarious liability requires detailed proof of their management and control over the small companies.

If you've suffered an injury or one of your loved ones has been killed in a construction accident at the Bakken Oil Fields,contact us at your earliest opportunity. Our attorneys understand the corporate players at the Bakken Field and can navigate the complex structures to place liability for injuries or death on the parties who should bear full responsibility for it. Whether your claim involves maximizing your recovery under workers' compensation or receiving damages to compensate for your injuries, pain and suffering, we have the experience and knowledge to prosecute your claim to the highest value conclusion.