Bakken Work Injury? Be Prepared and Protected

Are you part of the Bakken oil field? Do you understand the risk your job puts you at everyday? This question is not to influence you to step back but rather step up and be prepared and protected for the unexpected. A work injury can happen to anyone and can be more expected in certain lines of work. While no one hopes or looks for an accident to injure them - or worse, become a fatality - it can happen.

OSHA reports that in 2014 there were 4,679 workers who died on the job, while Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there were over 2,953,000 nonfatal injuries recorded. Being safe on the job can help prevent you from being part of the statistics, but sometimes a work injury will even catch the safest employee. Every person should be able to be prepared and protect themselves when a problem such as an injury happens on the job.

Have you already been injured at work but not certain who to turn to? Are the bills adding up on you and your family but your uncertain of the next step? Don't allow yourself to become the victim of a workplace injury without protection.Contact us to help navigate this difficult time for you. We have represented many within the state of Montana and theBakken oil field community.

Here at Odegaard Miller Law, PLLC we strive to give personal attention to our clients with over 75 years of legal experience. We also offer free case evaluations; if you are interested and would like to submit your information, you can do so with this free case evaluation form. If you are looking to be prepared and protected with your work injury, we can help!