An oil field Injury can undo a lifetime of hard work

In the Bakken Oil field, an oil field injury is a common occurrence. Often times an accident happens that severely affects a family,sometimes leading to death. It is in these times that families need the support if their community. The Bakken can lead to a number of great jobs, but when a family is hit hard by a catastrophe of this nature, working is no longer an option. Recovering from the injury is the only focus a family has. Oil field fatalities and injuries are not uncommon and often happen because of negligence and unsafe workplace practices. If gas and oil prices are low, an injury is detrimental to the survival of a family. When a family in the oil field struggles due to this type of incident, it is important for the company whose equipment failed, whose managers did not remove the risk, are held accountable for the carelessness. Sometimes work force safety is just not enough. And sometimes workman's comp just doesn't cover it. There is a reason that the safety and environment of the Bakken region are often called into question. And that is because of the risks taken by these men and women on a daily basis, working to provide for their families by bringing oil to the rest of the world, and supplying these large companies with so much money by the sweat of their brow and the breaking of their backs. Odegaard Miller Law is here for you in your time of need.

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