Your Bakken oil field accident rights

According to the AFL-CIO's 2012 annual review, North Dakota, home to the Bakken oil shale deposits, had 8 OSHA inspectors for the state. That same study ranked North Dakota dead last in the United States for workplace fatalities, and third highest in projected penalties for fiscal year 2013. The projected average dollar figure for penalties? $3,045.

According to a March 2015 Wall Street Journal article, things in the Bakken haven't improved much in 2015.

Safety experts, workers and a review of documents indicate that the factors behind the state’s oil-field accidents are many, including grueling 12-hour work shifts for as many as 20 days in a row and rampant turnover. They also say job sites can be chaotic as multiple contractors struggle to coordinate their work.

The experts say that the oil companies that own drilling sites generally set safety guidelines for their oil-service contractors and largely depend on them to ensure workers’ safety. But companies don’t always properly supervise or enforce their safety policies and haven’t always given workers proper protective gear.

In a boom environment like the Bakken shale fields, it's only a matter of time before an oil field accident happens to you. The oil companies aren't interested in providing more than the state-mandated minimum compensation to you or your family, and the rate paid was set in 1911.

You work hard for your company, and you and your family have a right to compensation for an accident that deprives you of your ability to provide for them. If you were injured in a Bakken oil field accident, contact us for an evaluation of your case and a consultation about your rights.