Bakken Oil Field Accidents Result in Deaths

A drop in crude oil prices has affected the Bakken oil boom and according to a Wall Street Journal article federal officials say it could also be a cause of the record number of deaths in the area since October of 2014.

Although officials say it is too soon to tell for sure, they do believe high pressure cost-cutting measures implemented by employers such as employee lay-offs, increased hours, lower pay levels and inexperienced contractors could be costing workers their lives.

With the escalation of these types of human tragedies it is important to look at the measures being taken by officials to regulate this boomtown industry as well as look out and examine the future of the Bakken oil fields.

A recent Reveal News investigation of two deaths in Bakken exposed “shrewd corporate practices and weak federal oversights that shield energy producers from responsibility when workers die.” The investigation has drawn increased attention to conditions in the industry and resulted in an OSHA examination of the conditions in the Bakken area in an effort to identify and “hold more top energy producers accountable for workplace accidents.”

As far as Bakken’s future goes it appears that regardless of the current industry downturn Bakken will continue to produce American oil far into the future. According to a United States Geologic Survey (USGS) of the Bakken Shale there was close to seven million gallons of still undiscovered oil in the area in 2013, and the State of North Dakota projects that wells will needto be drilled for the next 15 to 20 years to develop the “entire thermally mature resource area.” Each drilled well is estimatedto produce oil for approximately oil for approximately 75 years after that. This traditional production does not account for the anticipated future advances in technology that will undoubtedly occur in the meantime increasing our ability to harness the Bakken oil even further into the future.

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