Odegaard Miller Law: Your Workers Compensation Lawyers in the Bakken Oil Field Region

The Bakken oil field formation is one of the largest deposits of oil and natural gas in the United States. And that makes it a prime target for drilling and extraction of resources. But working in an oilfield is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, especially in a situation where fracking is used in that extraction process. Employees working at fracking sites are more susceptible to accidents than employees working at other oil drilling locations because of the very nature of thefracking process. On-the-job accidents are going to occur, and these can be life changing for the injured party and their family.

That is when you need to seek legal representation, and Odegaard Miller Law is there for you and your workers compensation claim. They will build a relationship with you as a client, not just treat you as another paycheck, and take the time to understand your claim and help you fight back against the company that caused you harm. Workers compensation is not something that should be approached alone, and with proper legal representation, you chances of winning your case go up substantially, and having the right law firm on your side will help those chances even more.

No company can guarantee that an accident will not occur at their oil drilling or fracking site, but when an accident does occur it is up to the company to pay the injured employee. If you need to file a workers compensation claim against an employer in the Bakken oil field for an injury that occurred while you were working on fracking or traditional oil drilling,contact Odegaard Miller Law. They will be happy to listen to your claim and help you develop a course of action that will result in the best payout on your claim. They will be with you every step of the way because they know how much you will rely on the outcome of the claim.