OSHA Scrutinizes Oil Field Injuries

Bakken Oil field work hazards have long been a source of contention amongst organizations committed to safe work conditions such as OSHA. It seems that oil field injuries are high here, according to numbers. Over the summer, federal regulators attempted to take things into their own hands with legal enforcement. However, the progress of this strategy remains yet to be seen. While workers continue to work in unsafe conditions, it may be every worker fending for their own rights within the fields.

In July of 2015, federal workplace safety regulators in North Dakota put forth plans more aggressive enforcement strategies that would hold big oil companies, like that in Bakken, to be accountable for increased oil field injuries. After the examination of new injuries and accidents in Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota the regulators scrutinized whether employers such as big oil companies pay their employees speed bonuses at the expense of safety, offering an incentive to work faster, although not necessarily safer.

It is clear that deciding comprehensive safety regulations that drastically decrease the number of oil field injuries at Bakkenis going to be difficult as major energy company heads often do not have direct employees at their work sites. Contractors and temps are just as likely to be injured or even killed at oil sites. The need for a detailed and efficient enforcement structure is still in the works although OSHA still struggles to enforce accountability on oil fields such as Bakken.

Do to the lack of oversight and existing regulation within oil work sites, it’s advisable to gain legal advice on work injuries that can be compensated. Not only will help individuals, together, these cases make work injury the issue that it should be, one concerning the protection basic human right to safety in the workplace. Contact us today if you have questions regarding potential oil field injury injustice.