Workers Comp For Bakken Oil Field Workers

Worker's Comp can provide lost wage and medical protection for Bakken oil field workers that oil companies are required to carry for each of their employees. The coverage pays medical bills for those employees who are injured while working, as well as for those suffering from occupation-related illnesses. It also helps workers make up for lost wages due to time off work because of these occurrences. In some cases, workers can also use other worker's comp benefits to receive training for other jobs when they cannot return to their oil field jobs due to a covered illness or injury.

Since 2006, more than 70 work related fatalities have occurred in the Bakken oil fields. According to a PBS News Hour report, this is a conservative estimate because federal regulators have yet to administer a full system accounting of all of the related oil and gas fatalities, let alone the injuries to oil workers in the Bakken fields who have fallen victim to a marked lack of safety precautions and lack of a well-executed infrastructure for the workers there.

More than 9000 injury claims have been filed in Bakken oil field related incidents in the four years between 2009 and 2013. North Dakota oil field workers are given little recourse when sustaining oil field injuries because the state prohibits employees from filing suits against their employers when claiming negligence. A good number of injured workers fail to file worker's compensation claims because their employers dissuade them from doing so.

Today, the demand for more oil is steadily increasing. New rigs are still being erected in Bakken, yet some of the old and outdated rigs are still being used. These rigs are unsafe. Additionally, young workers who lack any real oil field experience are flocking to the area due to promises of big money. This dangerous combination of components can only increase the numbers of fatalities and serious injuries.

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