Did You Suffer A Construction Injury From A Structural Collapse?

When working on an oilfield or a construction site, one of the risks workers face is a structural collapse.

Drilling rigs can collapse. Scaffolding and equipment can break down, with workers standing on or under the parts. On construction sites, walls, roofs, or ceilings can fall, sending heavy materials such as large beams crashing down. (One recent example, which resulted in two workers getting taken to a Bozeman hospital, involved a roof collapsing at a construction site for a building, apparently after a strong wind slammed into it.)

Coping in the aftermath

The type of construction injury a worker will suffer from a structural collapse is unpredictable. The possibilities include traumatic brain injuries, and injuries to the spine, internal organs, and limbs. Even injuries that aren't life-threatening, such as a broken leg, can lead to surgeries, hospitalization, medical outpatient services, physical rehabilitation, and weeks or months of lost wages, not to mention future complications. People may survive an initial injury and find themselves dealing with lifelong conditions such as paralysis or loss of limbs.

In the aftermath of any such injury, it's important to contact a reputable attorney. Your attorney will carefully review the causes of the accident and help you determine who is responsible. For example, did the work site meet safety regulations? Were shoddy equipment and materials used?

An attorney will also work with you to explore options for compensation, helping you cope with both the short-term and long-term costs in the aftermath. What kinds of insurance can you rely on for any particular accident? How can you determine the costs of your injuries? You don't have to struggle with these questions alone.