The Bakken: A Place Of Fortune And Oil Field Accidents

The Bakken Oil Field is a region of western North Dakota that is known for its prevalent oil stores. Often we hear of the Bakken in the news about its successes in mineral deposits, as well as, the reduction in oil production. Sadly, oi consumers do not realize the hazards associated with working in the oil industry, especially in remote places like the Bakken.

Often the people who work in the oilfield have traveled away from friends and family because that is a demand of the oil job. These oilfield workers get up early and work late making sure that rigs are drilling, running properly and producing oil. Accidents can occur after long hours or being under a deadline. However, oilfield accidents should not go unreported or swept under the rug.

Perhaps you are an oilfield worker from the Bakken. Did you get injured on the job? Did you report the oil field accident?

Did the accident cause you to lose pay or injure you in a way that resulted in you not being able to work? Your time away from family and hard work are very important and if you experienced an injury on the job working in the Bakken you need to be compensated accordingly. Oil field accidents happen but being without compensation to cover medical bills and future life expenses should not occur. If you were in an oil field accident and need representation contact us. We are here to help tell your side of the story and acquire what is due to you, as an oil field worker of the Bakken.