Whether It's The Dap Or Bakken Oil Region, Construction Injury Concerns Remain

The Bakken Oil Region’s news may be taking a back seat to the Dakota Access Pipeline kerfuffle as of late but that doesn’t reduce the potential for construction injuries. In fact, as companies rush to head off anticipated losses, it may increase workers’ risk of injury both on the field and off. And a reduction in spending isn’t all that has the potential to fuel more accidents.

As it stands now, more than 600 rigs are operating in the country with a number of them in the Bakken Region. The pressure is obviously on them to supply as much of the country’s oil needs as possible. The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s figures show that although there have been fluctuations; rig count in the region is starting to rise again. As such, a rush to compete may spark rises in new construction injuries as well.

Horizontal drilling rigs tend to be at the top of fuel companies wish lists, especially those operating in the Bakken Oil Region. Unfortunately, those types of drilling rigs have a history of causing accidental amputations, explosions, entanglements and more. Years of study have shown that amputations alone have the potential to cost injured construction workers upwards of $500,000 or more over the course of a lifetime. So just imagine what sustaining a construction injury could do to an individual and his or her family’s finances.

Beyond the financial aspects of construction injuries, there are other things to consider. For example, the injured may experience permanent changes in lifestyle and mental fitness. In addition, the injury may create chasms between them and their loved ones. So what happens to those Bakken Oil Region employees then? At Odegaard Miller we know the potential outcomes. That’s why we choose to fight for the oil region’s injured. To learn more about our fight and how we may help the injured recoup some of their losses, please contact us today.