Recovering From A Construction Accident In The Bakken Formation

There are a lot of things happening in the oil industry. Over the past couple of years, crude oil production in the United States nearly doubled. One of the biggest reasons for this is the Bakken oil formation. Thousands of people move to this area every year in search of work. However, if you get involved with a construction accident in the Bakken area, it is important you get compensated for the damage.

Filing a Claim

There are many variables in filing a successful construction accident claim. It is vital to work with a law office with experience in this area. Every year, thousands of people are hurt working in the Bakken formation searching for oil. In fact, the rate of injury climbs every year. The oil companies in the area do not care about the health and well-being of workers. There are a lot of examples of workers who do not get compensated for their injuries in the Bakken area. This is where our firm comes in to help with your case.

Working With Our Firm

With our thirty years of experience, our firm knows what to do when it comes to getting you compensation. We know that legal advice is expensive, so we try to keep your case load as limited as possible to save money. We are successful in getting the maximum damages rewarded in many cases for our clients who get injured in the Bakken oil area. If you get injured from a construction accident, contact us today to get the process started. We are there for our clients throughout the entire process.