The Bakken Oil Field Construction Injuries Eclipse The Injuries And Damage Caused By The Crane Collapse In New York City

People across the nation saw amateur video of the construction crane collapse in New York City that killed one person, injured three others, and caused millions of dollars in property damage. In the aftermath of that collapse, New York's Mayor DeBlasio quickly proposed new construction crane standards and injured parties began lining up to collect damages to compensate for their injuries. The outrage expressed by the City's mayor and its residents over this accident is understandable in view of the fact that it happened in the country's largest metropolitan area. People across the nation would likely be equally outraged if they became familiar with the number of construction injuries that occur in the Bakken Oil Fields in North Dakota every year.

The entire population of North Dakota could probably fit in a few city blocks in New York, and it is not surprising that major media outlets ignore injuries that occur at construction sites like the Bakken Oil Fields, as relatively few people have connections to workers at the site. If you compare and contrast the worker death and injury rate at Bakken with the casualties and damages in the New York accident, the differences are staggering. Between October 204 and March 2015, for example, eight workers died in construction accidents at Bakken. The death of one innocent bystander in a New York is tragic, but the deaths of eight employees whose lives and safety were entrusted to their employers at Bakken is well beyond tragic.

Liability issues in construction accidents at Bakken bear at least some similarities to the New York Crane accident, primarily in determine which party bears ultimate responsibility for the accident and injuries. Construction sites in New York, at Bakken, and at locations across the country are typically managed by one general contractor who oversees multiple subcontractors. When a construction accident causes injury at Bakken, parties that might bear responsibility for those injuries start pointing fingers at each other. One company might own construction equipment, another might provide lease financing for the equipment, while a third might be responsible for maintaining it and hiring operators that use it. Apportioning liability among these contractually interrelated is a task for an experienced construction accident attorney, who understands how companies that operate at Bakken and places like it establish their operations to shield themselves from any responsibility.

If you have suffered injuries in a construction accident at the Bakken Oil Fields, please contact us for a complimentary consultation and a review of the facts of your case. We know the Bakken Oil Fields and can cut through the shields to get you the damages that you are owed to compensate for your injuries.