Constant Construction Injuries In The Bakken Oil Region

In certain circumstances, some industries really do put a price on human life. It is estimated that someone will die every six weeks in the Bakken oil region. The injuries surrounding this construction are a daily occurrence, however. Who pays for these injuries, though? What compensation do the victims or their families receive? More often than not, they receive nothing at all. In fact, they get in trouble themselves.

The statistic regarding the deaths that take place every six weeks in the Bakken oil region are skeptical, because the United States Government's federal regulations do not have a system in place to record death and injuries in this field. Often times investigators end up delivering citations to workers. Yes, the victims themselves. Investigators claim that the workers are not doing their jobs properly. The energy producers never pay for their mistakes, either.

Within the industry, and with the demand for oil so high, basic safety procedures often fall subject to negligence. Additionally, adequate training within the Bakken Oil Industry is a rare occurrence. Theses mistakes obviously result in injury and death, but are usually chalked up to just being apart of the job. These companies collect their millions, and you or your family are left with an aftermath that is often times devastating, and prevents any chance for a comfortable life.

As you are paying for citations and medical bills that you should instead be compensated for, the higher-ups within the oil industry are living comfortably. This is incredibly wrong, and it needs to stop. Odegaard Miller Law Firm specializes in construction injuries, specifically related to the Bakken oil region. If it is justice and compensation you seek, please contact us today.